At times creating sales can be a clumsy task. prospects require nurturing as they lack basic criterion qualification. it’s about a dedicated engine that creates an interest and moves target customers into the prospect list. That’s where value prospects Digital Marketing service comes in. Focused on bridging the great divide between marketing efforts and sales conversions, the digital marketing service revolves around creating targeted customer touch points and generating interest through dedicated campaigns.

We help brands create sales opportunities by nurturing these emerging leads and providing them the right information through tele-marketing engines. The right words have to be spoken by the right kind of people to bring leads out of infancy and into full-fledged prospects. We deploy the right personnel to do this.

We provide a comprehensive tele lead generation program, which includes everything from E-DMs to script generation to getting you the perfect people to take the calls for your brand.


  • Email marketing
  • Direct mailer
  • Feet on street
  • Seller onboarding
  • Activation campagins
  • CATI surveys
  • QR & NFC campaigns
  • Response management
  • Chat support service
  • Sales enablement
  • Experimental marketing

About Our Team

Our staff is primarily employed on a full time basis and are fluent in English speaking; moreover, we also employ specialist staff who target particular ethnic groups and countries. This allows us the flexibility to work with companies that have a requirement to contact and manage relationships in particular languages.

When language based localization is done correctly, users will feel that the product was produced for their language, culture, and needs. you could lose a whole lot if you don’t carefully plan for your target market. We at VPC provide with a wide variety of language specific data.

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