Mr. Abhishek Tyagi Value Prospect Consulting:Direct Marketing Agencies
Today, I spend a majority of my time working with leading IT vendors around the globe assisting them with opportunity tracking, channel programs development/management, go-to-market strategies, partner eco-system development, database analysis(Cluster Analysis, Association Analysis & Sequential Analysis) and the profiling of target market types.
I also work closely with the leading distributors on long term planning around new offerings such as cloud computing, SaaS and managed services while assisting them with current programs offered to both vendors and their resale customers.

      » Encapsulation of key drivers
      » Exceptional client relationship & management skills
      » Making strategic recommendations
      » Maintaining and developing highest standards of client relations

Value Prospect continuously invests in its people and has an ongoing people development program. Every new team member is first trained on fundamentals of market research concepts. This is followed by a rigorous on-the-job training before being assigned independent charge of a customer project. We ensure every analyst new to this industry undergoes primary data collection in order to have an insightful view of the basic of this industry skills related to new and emerging market research concepts are being continuously enhanced. Every member thus not only becomes an expert in his domain, but also realizes how his work fits into the overall large picture.

      » We have the right mix of researchers and statisticians in our Research Operations Team.
      » The average experience of a researcher involved in IT Research is more than five years.
      » We have developed lot of statistical models such as CSAT models, price forecasting models etc.
      » Our teams have the capability of conducting various statistical analyses such as Multiple Regression, ARIMA, Cluster Analysis, Correspondence Analysis, Factor Analysis etc.
      » Our researchers go into the field to get first hand information. This helps them in putting forward qualitative aspects of the study.
      » We have our own field set up for B2B data collection for India.
      We have maintained an extensive database of IT managers and which help us in reducing turnaround time. We have many IT managers on our out panel as well.