“Half of the money i spend on marketing is wasted. the trouble is i don’t recognize which half.” nearly a century after john wanamaker spoke those words, maximum on line entrepreneurs can still experience his ache. the irony is, these days, entrepreneurs have the technology they want to “near the loop” among marketing and sales, however few are sincerely taking gain of it.

At fee prospect we do closed-loop advertising that's advertising that is based on facts and insights from closed-loop reporting. “closing the loop” just approach that income groups document to advertising approximately what passed off to the leads that they obtained, which enables analysts apprehend their high-quality and worst lead sources.

To many, putting in closed-loop reporting has remained too hard and difficult to put in force. to be an powerful marketer, however, you want that allows you to tie each single lead, customer, and rupee again to the advertising and marketing initiative that created them. that is in which u want us to more efficiently reach your target market.


  • Smart Leads
  • Appointment Setting
  • Language Specific Demand Generation
  • Automated Cold Callings
  • MQL To SQL(Bant Qualifications)
  • B2B IT Product And Service Leads
  • Global B2B Cold Callings
  • Market Qualified Leads(MQL)
  • Sales Ready Leads

About Our Team

our staff is on the whole hired on a complete time foundation and are fluent in english talking; furthermore, we additionally employ specialist personnel who goal unique ethnic corporations and countries. this lets in us the flexibility to work with agencies which have a requirement to contact and manipulate relationships specially languages.

when language primarily based localization is performed effectively, customers will feel that the product became produced for his or her language, culture, and wishes. you may lose an entire lot if you don’t cautiously plan to your target market. we at vpc provide with a huge kind of language specific statistics.

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