VPC’s big league team of calling agents have hefty involvement conversing at executive level in a wide range of industries. Our clients often tell us that we are better at pitching their business than they are. To ensure we meet the paramount telemarketing standards, ‘ghost calls’ are performed to allow clients to approve messaging and agents before going live.

Our analysts are geared to make calls nationally/globally and receive calls nationally/globally in an APAC environment. This enables us to be local where it matters and global where it requires. We are among the few companies in India to provide their clients with dedicated Account Managers. This allows our highly qualified sales staff to build a relationship with your team and personally report back to you on a frequent basis. It also provides a great ability to really master your company, product, industry and prospect. Just another way we magnifiy quality leads for businesses just like yours.

Value prospects is unique in the sense that we have developed our own personalised Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Our bespoke CRM allows our Account handlers to fully manage the entire process of lead generation and ongoing customer/client/prospect relationship.


  • Smart Leads
  • Appointment Setting
  • Language Specific Demand Generation
  • Sales Ready Leads(SQL)
  • MQL To SQL(Bant Qualifications)
  • B2B IT Product And Service Leads
  • Global B2B Cold Callings
  • Market Qualified Leads(MQL)
  • Closed Loop Lead Generation

About Our Team

Our staff is primarily employed on a full time basis and are fluent in English speaking; moreover, we also employ specialist staff who target particular ethnic groups and countries. This allows us the flexibility to work with companies that have a requirement to contact and manage relationships in particular languages.

When language based localization is done correctly, users will feel that the product was produced for their language, culture, and needs. you could lose a whole lot if you don’t carefully plan for your target market. We at VPC provide with a wide variety of language specific data.

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