Unlike rented lists, a Value Prospect contact list is delivered to you for your unlimited use. The list becomes an input to your lead nurturing campaigns and ongoing sales activities, maximizing your investment.....read more
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Popular Lists - Company Database

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  Database Services

The data planning team at Value Prospect specialise in sourcing international direct numbers and email marketing lists in order to meet your campaign objectives, with unrivalled expertise across APAC. Talk to the team for a no-obligation consultation and to find out how we can help you with your data acquisition.
Value Prospect offers the best of both worlds, enabling you to develop a world-class, customized B2B contact list that´s both large enough to drive your sales and marketing campaigns and highly cost effective.
We use an experienced research team, and original research methods to identify the contacts that meet your exact specifications. The data is not compiled and resold to you. Each contact list is built at the time you order it, ensuring the data is current and accurate.

  Data Subscription

Identifying the right contacts in your target market has typically been both costly and time consuming.
Data is the foundation stone to all of your direct marketing activity. If you want to improve, enhance or gain insight into your target market data, Value Prospect will have the solution for you.
Unlike rented lists, a Value Prospect contact list is delivered to you for your unlimited use. The list becomes an input to your lead nurturing campaigns and ongoing sales activities, maximizing your investment.

  Data Strategy

With a specialty focus on Business to Business (B2B) databases, we can help you determine the best list for your requirements for the best possible results. From data cleaning to data management services, your company will keep its competitive edge. Where do you start? From quantifying your markets, defining your target audience, building key account lists through to territory map management, Value Prospect have the expertise to help you develop a data strategy to drive your integrated marketing and sales campaigns, maximising ROI in the process. Just leave it to us.

  Data List

Value Prospect services help our customers identify the right contacts at the right accounts. We focus on helping you get the information you need to determine which accounts represent your best opportunities. And then we extend the value by identifying the right contacts at these accounts. Our unique survey methods incorporate both online and phone research to get your valuable field sales team the information they need to be successful.
India Popular Lists - Company Database
Key Executives of India
Location & Segment Wise Database
Asia Popular Lists - Company Database
Key Executives of Asia
Segment Wise Database listing

  India Top Data List

  • 5000 Enterprise Companies in India
  • Top 1000 IT Buying Companies in India
  • Public Sector Companies in India
  • Top 5000 SMB Companies in India
  • India Top 1000
  • Top MNCs in India
  • Public Listed Companies in India
  • 100 CR+ Revenue Companies in India
  • 5000 Operations Managers across India

  APAC Database

It may sound crazy to you, but we actually love data. And it is because of this passion that we understand that effective database strategy and acquisition can often be the cornerstone to a successful campaign.
Australia‚ Singapore‚ India‚ Malaysia‚ Vietnam‚ 
Srilanka.. and APAC
TOP 1000 CE0´s , TOP 3000 IT Heads, TOP 3000 Australia, TOP 3000 Singapore, Top 3000 APAC

  Personalised Websites (PURLs)

Personalised websites increase engagement and ultimately response. Our unique URL offering enables you to get the most out of this new web technology and attain outstanding results for your offline and online marketing campaigns. Wow your customers and prospects by directing them to a fully personalised website and track each and every interaction with you.


Search Engine Optimization commonly known as (SEO) is a heart and soul of the website. Tired of dull performance of your online business? Infuse new life in website's performance with right SEO service. Search engine optimization commonly known as SEO is a sure shot way to get organic traffic towards the website. You can spend thousands of dollars on designing and developing a perfect flawless website but if the website is not strategically promoted to meet its purpose the objective of creating a website will never be fulfilled.

  Social Media

Social Media Marketing is much more than just having a Facebook page, Twitter account or a Linkedin profile. It needs to be part of your marketing strategy and we provide services to support you in terms of social media strategy, social channel management and social media campaigns.
If your business isn't visible across digital media then you are letting valuable opportunities fall by the wayside.
Whether it's B2B or B2C, consumers expect a digital interaction with your brand to reassure them that they are dealing with a progressive company.

  E-mail Marketing

Email is still an effective marketing channel and our digital team have a great ROI Driven experience in the conception, planning, design and deployment of email marketing campaigns. We can help you achieve real measurable results, while taking care of everything for you.

  Web Design & Development

Effective websites and landing pages lead to increased sales, enhanced communications and more engagement with your customers and prospects. Your website is your virtual shop window, therefore you need to maximise the opportunities available to you. Our web development team will help you get the most from one of your most valuable assets.

  Digital Foot Prints

We are passionate about our customers future. We work closely with our clients in the Digital Strategy Planning arena to initiate relevant insights that ultimately translate into innovative marketing activities.
In conjunction with our clients marketing personnel, we develop a clear understanding of their market environment, interrogating every aspect of the business landscape in order to unearth the most effective strategies to help catapult their business to that next level.

  Sales Lead Generation

Tele-prospecting adds the essential human touch to optimize your lead generation ROI
To us, Tele-prospecting means using the phone with intelligence. When executed properly, Tele-prospecting is the most effective tool within your lead generation mix for delivering sales-ready leads.
A continuous pipeline of qualified sales opportunities. Focus on the right decision makers in each of your target organizations. Improved sales team effectiveness (more targeted selling time). More predictable revenue growth.
Demand Generation is not just about creating leads; it's about nurturing them, educating them and managing buyer interest in your products and services throughout the entire sales and marketing pipeline
We understand that maintaining a healthy sales funnel is key to the success of your company. Lead generation is not a one-time effort, rather it's a process that needs to be sustained in order to support a growing revenue stream. Value Prospect Consuting provides you with the key component for this process: Lead Builder.

  Lead Qualification

Lead qualification quickly turns your inquiries into "sales ready" leads Our research shows the number one desire for sales people is more selling time with sales-ready opportunities. The lead qualification process is essential to any lead generation effort regardless of the particular tactics being used to generate interest. In fact, lead qualification is the only way to separate inquiries from sales ready leads.
Let us do lead qualification on your inbound marketing inquires such as:
Website inquiries Events (Tradeshows, Webcasts) White paper/case study downloads Demo downloads Online referral sources Inbound 800# calls

  Appointment Fixing

Have you ever showed up to a sales appointment scheduled by someone else and wondered why you even bothered? Just because it's an appointment doesn't mean any warm body will do. Sales people simply can't afford to waste their time.
Value Prospect makes sure that the appointments we set for your sales team are fully qualified opportunities, not just tire kickers, before booking time on their busy schedules.
If an opportunity is not yet sales-ready we will continue to nurture those opportunities until an appointment is appropriate.
Because of the timely nature of appointment setting, lead hand off becomes an even more critical part of the process. Leverage Solutions can provide several integration options for retrieving and updating schedules.

  Account Profiling

Universe Mapping and Account Profiling of companies covering all segments.
Value Prospect provide actionable intelligence for marketing management to tailor messaging, and for product marketing to modify solutions for optimal demand generation and competitive positioning. The custom nature of each program means that Salesify can provide information about your target accounts that simply cannot be found anywhere else.
Account Profiling uses a combination of online and telephone research techniques to gather your desired account intelligence. Typical profiling projects include identifying hard to find facts, such as which hardware and software applications each prospect company has installed. If desired, you can also discover more subjective intelligence - such as risk and objections, competitors engaged, budget and timeline for purchase - which can uncover hidden immediate, mid-term, or longer-term sales opportunities at each of your target accounts.

  Tele Marketing

Closing the loop with the leads that have been handed over to sales is an often overlooked step in many lead generation programs. If your program is generating qualified leads but your sales team is not effectively following up, then even the best lead generation efforts will fail.
Measuring effective follow-up is difficult if you have a large sales team or are selling through channels and partners.
Value Prospect can integrate accountability with lead generation programs by conducting lead hand off analysis. Following up with past leads to make sure they received the information they needed and to assess their stage in the buying process.
We identify and locate any breakdowns between lead generation and sales, then re-engage opportunities that are still viable.
Closing the loop is key to measuring and maximizing ROI.

  End To End Marketing

While the medium may change, the end result does not - we create communications that involve your customers while adding value to your marketing.
From identifying your target addressable market to connecting to them via calling engine or via email etc , from fixing an appointment to closed loop program, Value Prospect will act as an extended arm to your in-house sales team.
Our proven track record has seen us provide solutions to some of the highest profile clients on some of the most complex and sensitive briefs.

  Channel Tracking

Value Prospect offers you the database of Channel Partners to your key Competitors, with their key business information, key executives and professionals across different verticals throughout Asia Pacific markets. Track Down the Competition- Analysis of:

  • How
  • To whom
  • Through which Channel Your competitors are Selling
  • Drill Down the POS
  • Wallet Share Mapping & other such key facts which would help you to strengthen your Marketing & Sales Strategies

  •   Channel Development

    Are you consistently engaging partners to develop your business? Strengthen channel sales & increase production & growth.
    Maximizing Channel Sales
    Extending a White-Glove service & support mentality to your top-performers Implementing Partner Management Best Practices Giving more attention and training to the broad channel Enabling underperforming partners
    Leverage our Channel Database to push you product/services via expanded channels.

      Channel Management

    Channel Management involves the strategy, development and alignment of channels, or customer interfaces, across your marketing, sales and service processes.
    Most companies don't have the resources to be all things to all partners. You know who's doing well and who isn't and that information drives most companies from a channel engagement perspective. As the pioneer of Channel Development we make channel marketing easy. Communicate Across Multiple Channels:

  • SMS
  • Call On Demand
  • Fax
  • PrintMail
  • Hyper sites
  • Tie it all together and establish unique, customized and scalable ways to communicate with your partners so you can stand out from your competition.

      Channel Analysis

    Technology companies depend on direct sales forces, OEM partners, resellers and systems integrators to deliver products to customers. Channel analysis allows organizations to understand the effectiveness of various sales channels, gauge channel growth and compare channel margins. By reviewing channel comparisons, sales, channel and marketing managers can focus resources on building and maintaining the channels that best meet their customers, sales and service needs:

  • Which channels are exceeding sales projections underachieving?
  • Which channel(s) generates the most profit per transaction?
  • Which channel has the highest growth rate year over year?
  • In Region A, which channel do customers prefer?
  • Through what channel are my most profitable customers buying?
  • Which promotions have been the most effective in this channel?
  • How does the price of Product vary by channel?
  • Is one channel cannibalizing another?

  •   Competitive Analysis

    Value Prospect specializes in Competitive analysis and can help you find the winning combination of "hot" product and compelling creative to help make your campaign an overwhelming success.
    A competitive analysis is a formal evaluation in which you review the businesses of one or more companies that compete, directly or indirectly.
    This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats. Profiling coalesces all of the relevant sources of competitor analysis into one framework in the support of efficient and effective strategy formulation, implementation, monitoring and adjustment.
    Track Down the Competition- Analysis of How, To whom & Through which Channel Your competitors are Selling Drill Down the POS, Wallet Share & other such key facts which would help you to strengthen your Marketing & Sales Strategies.

      Price Tracking

    Track down the POS Level, Channel Level, ND Level & RD Level pricing structures of your key competitors. Pinpoint the gaps in the product mix baskets, exploit the untapped or niche markets with the ready to buy pricing structure. Push your products deeper into the market by keeping a close eye on your competitor´s shelf price. We offer tailored solutions as per you requirements.